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Secure Brand Space with FLEXcon® shelf-ART™

Shelf Graphics that Promote Underneath the Product

When you’re looking to rise above the competition in shelf graphics, you need to think below the shelf edge. Advertising space under the product ensures that your clients’ brand is promoted, even when the product is not there. For this reason, the shelf represents a "prime piece" of retail real estate.

Solutions for shelf advertising must be durable and withstand abrasion and product contents for the life of the promotion. Our shelf advertising products meet these requirements, and they’re sold as a base film and overlaminate system.

All of our FLEXcon® shelf-ART™ base films are coated with a specialty removable pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds well to standard shelf surfaces, including painted metal. Products are backed with a layflat release liner with excellent properties for printing and converting.


Base Films Include:

 FLX #  Product Name Film Type  Printability
011300 shelf-ART™ 6010  6.0 mil flexible white vinyl UV screen
Solven screen
UV inkjet
Solven inkjet
UV offset
011477 shelf-ART™ 6005
6.0 mil flexible white vinyl Conventional offset
030699 shelf-ART™ 6050DG
 6.0 mil flexible white vinyl
HP Indigo

Overlaminates Include:

 FLX #  Product Name Film Type  Printability
010608 shelf-ART™ OV6020RC  6.5 mil clear velvet vinyl textured finish reduces glare
011827 shelf-ART™ OV6015HC
4.0 mil optically clear vinyl optically clear with gloss finish
012602 shelf-ART™ OV6025RGT
 6.0 mil frosty clear textured vinyl
frosty finish reduces glare

Rely on FLEXcon's shelf-ART™ Shelf Advertising Systems to engage with the shopper, promote brand loyalty, increase sales, and prevent competitor encroachment. Call today to learn more!