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Stopping Dinosaurs in Their Tracks

FLEXcon® REFLECTAmark™ Does the Trick






FLEXcon’s Glass-Beaded Reflective Films Yield Full Effects for Promotional and Outdoor Applications

Stepping back in time, retracing the steps of dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago is just one of the many journeys visitors can take at the EcoTarium, a museum of science and nature in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Along with experiencing life-sized dinosaur footprints and learning how these imprints are used to measure speed, size, and activity of these early dinosaurian predators, the museum wanted to engage visitors interactively and came up with the idea of using decaled footprints to not only promote the DinoTracks exhibit, but to also guide guests around the museum and its surrounding grounds.

To do so, the marketing team at the EcoTarium immediately turned to FLEXcon, a longtime supporter of the museum, for suggestions on the best pressure-sensitive materials to use to make footprints that would provide guides all the way from the paved parking lot, across cemented sidewalks, and through the facility.
As the staff of the EcoTarium developed the visitors guide, they wanted to make sure the footprints looked as realistic as possible. The prints were sculpted from the fossilized footprints of the Dilophosaurus, a 6-foot tall dinosaur that once roamed the six New England states.

“We had fun with this promotion and we’d like to utilize more of FLEXcon’s materials in the future for promotions where we don’t want to permanently alter the EcoTarium,” says Jennifer Glick, Director of Marketing and Development.

For the base film, FLEXcon recommended the REFLECTAmark® product line to capture the full effects of the prints in low-light along with an adhesive that bonds securely to pavement and cement surfaces for the life of the exhibit.

The tracks were placed on crosswalks, guiding visitors from their cars all the way through the end of the exhibit. Since the footprints were going to be on the ground guiding visitors, FLEXcon recommended an embossed vinyl specifically designed for floor applications to protect the prehistoric-looking graphics. The footprints were then embossed with a non-slip surface as a safety element for dinosaur-seeking visitors.
Two, side-by-side Dilophosaurus footprints were strategically placed at the gate, suggesting the dinosaur paid for admission. The tracks then continued toward the parking lot and over crosswalks, leading a tracker to believe that the dinosaur had anxiously run from the parking lot to the museum entrance.

The EcoTarium’s DinoTrack exhibit is a prime example of how FLEXcon can take an application challenge and provide a solution by understanding the needs of the end user.

Along with the EcoTarium’s unique application, REFLECTAmark® materials are ideal for long-range barcode scanning, safety signs, parking and registration decals, and emergency and fleet vehicle graphics.

Engineering and fleet marking REFLECTAmark® grades have a 7-year durability and are designed for outdoor safety and reflective vehicle graphics. Promotional and safety grades have a 2-year durability and are geared for outdoor signage and promotional labeling.

We had fun with this promotion and we’d like to utilize more of FLEXcon’s materials in the future for promotions where we don’t want to permanently alter the EcoTarium.

– Jennifer Glick, Director of Marketing and Development, EcoTarium