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REFLECTAmark® - Wide Angle Glass Bead Retro-reflective Films Now Available in the U.S.

Only From FLEXcon…
Introducing REFLECTAmark® U 450 WHITE REFLECTIVE V-344 90 PFW, available in the U.S. exclusively from FLEXcon. This enclosed glass bead sheeting is ideal for any application where reflectivity from a wider angle is desired to increase awareness, visibility and safety. It meets world specifications of enclosed glass bead type sheeting with 7-year durability.

Order 48" x 150' rolls online.

What is wide angle reflectivity?

Wide angle glass bead retro-reflective technology allows light to reflect from a much wider angle than standard glass bead retro-reflective products, such as an approach of 70°. This means that objects off to the side are more easily visible, offering increased awareness and safety.

Standard glass bead products are designed to only reflect light directly back to the source, such as on a stop sign where the driver is approaching the sign directly or only slightly off to the side.

With wide angle glass bead technology, objects farther off to the side, such as parked road construction equipment or a dumpster in a dark alley, are difficult to miss.

 Stop Signs


REFLECTAmark U 450 White Reflective


Standard Engineering Grade Glass Bead Product



 Entrance Angle:  40°       60°                      70°

Key Features & Benefits:  
    • Conformable 4.5 mil glass bead coated urethane film 
    • Wide angle reflectivity to increase awareness, visibility and safety 
    • 7-year outdoor durability 
    • Digitally printable (solvent & UV) 
    • Can be topcoated for HP Indigo, Jetrion, conventional 
    • High-performance adhesive provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces 
    • Can be tweaked with a removable adhesive for vehicle advertising 
    • Backed with a 90 lb. polycoated layflat release liner


REFLECTAmark® Perfect for Reflective Labels
Coated with V-344, a high-performance permanent acrylic adhesive, REFLECTAmark® U 450 is ideal for long range bar code labels, safety/hazard labels and die-cut letters/numbers. It is printable via solvent and UV inkjet and can be topcoated for compatibility with HP Indigo, Jetrion and conventional print technologies.

Fleet Vehicle Advertising
REFLECTAmark® U 450 is highly conformable. When tweaked with a removable adhesive (custom construction), it is ideal for vehicle advertising and vehicle wraps. The wide angle reflectivity means that your advertisement will really pop, especially at night.

Other REFLECTAmark® products available from FLEXcon:

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REFLECTAmark® WFMGS - Fleet marking grade 2 mil cast vinyl film with 2.5 mil reflective glass bead coating