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The Film Industry's First Post-Consumer Waste Release Liner!

As more and more pressure is placed on you to reduce your consumption of precious natural resources, FLEXcon has collaborated with a supplier to develop a release liner that further addresses the demand for green – a post-consumer waste (PCW) release liner for the narrow web label market. Although a PCW liner has been contemplated in the past, the technology did not exist to create a product equivalent in performance to a paper liner made from virgin fiber. That’s changed and the result is that now up to 30% of the throw-away part of our product will be coming from material that has already been thrown away - recovered from consumer waste streams after materials have been used and recycled. This enables the tag and label industry to become consumers of post-consumer waste, making us more socially responsible than ever before.


The new liner is an alternative to our SPEC 50K-8 liner and is the release liner for our THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ series of gloss topcoated polyester films. It offers equivalent functional performance as the standard 50K release liner (i.e., tensile strength, uniformity, smoothness, caliper consistency, density, opacity, layflat characteristics and release levels). There is no need to re-tool dies, order press add-ons or change diecutting methods, performance speeds or storage methods. Backside printability is the same as our standard 50K with no ink modifications, and the change to the new liner will have no affect on the UL status of your product. The PCW liner is recyclable, just like our standard 50K liner, and can be processed through your existing recycling programs. Furthermore, THERMLfilm NEXgen with the PCW liner is being offered at the same price as THERMLfilm NEXgen previously with the standard 50K liner, making change-over a no risk proposition. This allows you to gain a competitive edge with both customers and prospects for whom environmental concerns are a high priority.


FLEXcon continues to strengthen our commitment to the environment through a corporate sustainability culture, energy consumption reductions and green initiatives in manufacturing, company-wide recycling programs, alternative waste management systems and new product developments such as non-vinyl thinner films, thinner film release liners and emulsion adhesives. Our PCW liner is just one more step in our effort to minimize the industry’s impact on the environment. We are proud that this level of commitment has earned us the L.I.F.E. (Label Initiative for the Environment) certification from TLMI.

So what's stopping you? Order THERMLfilm® NEXgen with our new PCW liner now!