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Enhanced Protection for Your Wide-Format Digitally Printed Graphics

Gillette RazorGive your clients’ digitally printed graphics the protection and aesthetic enhancement they need with FLEXcon’s JETbond® Overlaminates.

Choose from 5 vinyl overlaminates — all ideal for at-retail, point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays, promotional, and tradeshow and event graphics.

VBS Value – Economical, solid performing general-purpose overlaminates.

NEW JETbond® 42178 – 4.0 mil hard clear gloss vinyl
JETbond® 44158 – 4.0 mil frosty clear vinyl
JETbond® 43108 – 4.0 mil clear matte vinyl

VBS Better - UV resistant overlaminates for added protection to printed graphics.

JETbond® 43138 – 4.0 mil clear matte vinyl
JETbond® 44138 – 4.0 mil frosty clear vinyl

Performance Benefits:

• Finishes available: hard clear gloss, frosty clear, and clear matte
• Durable overlaminates resist abrasion and fingerprints
• Adhesive adheres well to printed-base surface
• Two finishes — clear matte and frosty clear — available with UV resistance for added protection to printed graphics
• Backed with a 42 lb. polycoated one-side, white kraft release liner that results in good adhesive clarity
• Ideal for overlaminating over rolls and sheets