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DPM® Aply™ 1000

Bubbles are the last thing a converter needs when trying to fulfill the application needs of a customer.Safety, Hazard, Instructional Label

The converter had produced labels for lawn mowers and snow blowers on a thinner-gauge, flexible white vinyl product, which revealed bubbles and a rather unsightly appearance.

Before consulting FLEXcon, the converter had begun using an alternative option - a polycarbonate film - to meet the label needs of its OEM customer. However, that product not only yielded unattractive results, it also cost more and it did not provide the 5-year durability that durable goods OEMs demand.  They asked FLEXcon to join the converter/OEM team, observe the bubbling problem, and provide FLEXcon’s expertise in film/adhesive technology to propose a remedy with the necessary outdoor durability and UV resistance.

The result was DPM® Aply™ 1000, a  VBS (Value-Better-Supreme)  Supreme product that makes use of a rigid film and premium adhesive to facilitate bubble-free label graphics for narrow-web label applications.

With a 5-year durability, DPM Aply 1000 has a rigidity that makes application fast and easy, a surface smoothness for optimum label graphics, and a greater ability to rework the label when compared with other commonly used product offerings. Additionally, the premium, durable adhesive bonds well to challenging surfaces, including low- and high-surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder-coated paint, polycarbonate, and fiberglass.