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Product Identification

Rapidly changing economy and intensified worldwide competition make product identification critical for Brand Owners, Design Engineers, Legal Departments, End Users, and many others. For example, durable goods demand durable labeling and consumer goods need labels that imply product quality. Our narrow web roll form products will take care of your durable labeling, package decoration, and pharmaceutical and security labeling needs.

Durable Labeling
This market includes everything from outdoor power equipment and power tools to consumer electronics and appliances. Because of the rigorous conditions these durable goods must endure, such as extreme temperatures, sunlight, chemicals and moisture, and because of the critical nature of the message being communicated, finding a label stock that meets these particular application requirements can be challenging. FLEXcon's pressure-sensitive film solutions provide a unique combination of aesthetics and durability to help meet the converting and end-use requirements of the labeling application.

Primary Labeling & Package Decoration
FLEXcon primary and secondary labeling films provide ideal solutions for package decoration in the health and beauty, household and chemical, and food and beverage markets. FLEXcon films create compelling graphics that project strong shelf presence, increase brand recognition, and capture customer attention while ensuring that label graphics retain their impact from the time the product is purchased, during use, and through the life of the product.

Pharmaceutical Labeling
FLEXcon films meet the unique performance requirements of both over-the-counter and ethical pharmaceutical labeling applications. Films successfully deliver label readability, eye-catching high-end graphics, and environmental and chemical resistance. Films are available with tamper-evident and security features while maintaining label integrity of important safety and usage information throughout the life of the product. 

Label Types:
Brand Identification
Variable Information/Barcode

FLEXcon offers a full range of solutions to meet the growing demand for all of these Product Identification applications.

Typical Markets: 
COMPUcal® EXCEL™Automotive
Consumer Electronics 
Food & Beverage
Medical Device
Heavy Equipment
Household Chemicals
Industrial Equipment 
Health & Beauty
Petroleum & Chemical Drums

Today, label substrates are as critical as any other product “component”…they  carry information absolutely vital to product manufacturing, safety/security, identification and branding. And the requirements for those label substrates are getting more difficult to meet every day (more information on smaller labels, temperature extremes, durability demands, adhesion, etc.). Never has selection of the right label substrate been more important.

You have problems, we have solutions.

FLEXcon is more than simply a pressure-sensitive film manufacturer. We are a problem-solver and partner interested in providing solutions to meet specific OEM needs. In the end, FLEXcon always finds a way to meet challenging performance, cost and availability requirements.

In a highly competitive, ever-changing marketplace where success or failure rides on small, critical details, pressure-sensitive film solutions from FLEXcon can actually help manufacturers earn a distinct competitive advantage and win market share and profitability wars.

It’s more than just a label. FLEXcon is about so much more than just labels.

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