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Product ID #: FLX000467

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Technical Data
Product Applications
  • 2.0 mil gloss topcoated white polyester provides consistent surface smoothness, excellent dimensional stability and endurance to varying temperatures
  • Topcoat resists smudging and abrasion when printed with resin and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons
  • Topcoat is compatible with color and black resin and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons (we recommend evaluating the intended ribbon and ink system for compatibility with the product under the application conditions)
  • Static dissipating additives in the topcoat reduce the risk of print voids due to static generated at the print head
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to low- and high-surface energy plastics, metal, powder coated paint, paint, ceramic, paper/fiber, glass and fiberglass
  • Backed with a 50 lb. bleached kraft release liner ideal for roll-form converting
  • Liner is suitable for optical sensing on most thermal transfer printers
  • UL recognized under UL 969 - UL File No. PGJI2.MH16635 Printing Materials - Component
  • cUL recognized under UL 969 - UL File No. PGJI8.MH16635 Printing Materials - Component
  • CSA accepted with specific thermal transfer ribbon(s) and printer(s) under CSA standard C22.2 No. 0.15-95
  • Full color static and variable printing in one pass together with UL® PGJI2 recognition when printed on a Jetrion 4000 series UV Inkjet System

 Adhesive: Permanent
 Agency/Specifications: UL PGJI2 Recognized Printed w/Jetrion 4000 Series,UL Recognized,CSA Acceptance
 Color Family: White
 Converting: Roll Form
 Double Face: N
 Film Family: Polyester
 Master Web Width: 60.00000
 Other Available Widths: N/A
 Print Technology: UV Inkjet (Jetrion 4000 Series),Solvent Flexo,Thermal Transfer-Wax/Resin Ribbon,Thermal Transfer-Resin,Solvent Screen
 Quilon: N
 Remoist: N
 Surface Type: Polycarbonate,HSE Plastic,Paper/Fiber,Metal,Powder Coated Paint,Paint,Rubber,Ceramic,Glass,Concrete,Asphalt,Fiberglass
 Surface Treatment: Varnish,Slip Agent,Dust,Corona Treat,Flame Treat,Dirt,Ink
 Surface Texture: Smooth,Rough
 Surface Profile: Single Curve,Flat,Concave,Convex,Recess

Product Performance and Suitability
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