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Product ID #: FLX020027

Features & Benefits
Technical Data
Product Applications
  • Designed for full floor coverage versus partial floor coverage decals
  • Graphics have more depth and dimension, and are more eye-catching
  • 2.8 mil high-gloss clear vinyl resists tearing and abrasion
  • Excellent printability via a wide range of ink systems, including UV and solvent screen, and UV inkjet
  • Top film can be topcoated for HP Indigo printing
  • Vinyl is protected with a removable clear premask*
  • Vinyl is designed for durability and removability for up to 180 days following installation
  • Graphics can be waxed (FLEXcon recommends using an ASTM D 2047 certified wax)
  • Reverse printable vinyl base film, when used as a system with FLEXmark® floor art™ 6600, 6615, 6625, or 6630 double-faced adhesive underlaminate, meets industry standards for non-slip performance (ASTM D 2047)

This product is part of FLEXcon's Indoor Floor Advertising System: Indoor Floor Advertising System (FLEXmark® floor art™ 6605 base film and FLEXmark® floor art™ 6600 underlaminate); FLEXmark® floor art™ 6615; FLEXmark® floor art™ 6625; and FLEXmark® floor art™ 6630. *The premask provides protection for the topside of the film when the underside is subsurface-reverse printed. It also protects the film from dirt and abrasion during installation. In addition, it provides the structure with rigidity for installation purposes.

 Adhesive: N/A
 Agency/Specifications: N/A
 Color Family: Clear
 Converting: Roll to Sheet
 Double Face: 0
 Film Family: Vinyl
 Master Web Width: 54.00000
 Other Available Widths: N/A
 Print Technology: UV Inkjet,UV Screen
 Quilon: 0
 Remoist: 0
 Surface Type: Application specific double-faced adhesive
 Surface Treatment: Ink
 Surface Texture: Smooth
 Surface Profile: Flat

Product Performance and Suitability
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