Pressure-Sensitive Films & Adhesives for OEM

In a highly-competitive market, we recognize your concerns about the design, manufacturing cost, performance, appearance, and security of your product. FLEXcon can help in all of these areas. Whether you are an OEM, a component manufacturer, or a design engineer, FLEXcon offers you the customization capabilities and agility that adds velocity to your speed to market.

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Pressure Sensitive FilmWe offer a wide range of high-performance adhesive products for sound damping, vibration damping, component fastening, gaskets and seals, graphic mounting, specialty bonding for nameplates and overlays, and a variety of other applications.  Among FLEXcon’s solutions is a tacky silicone adhesive product line that offers the ease of use of acrylic adhesives but with silicone adhesive's performance in extreme temperatures.

We provide reliable barrier solutions for the photovoltaic and electronics markets. We manufacture and offer a complete line of multi-layer photovoltaic backsheet solutions and front and back barrier products that protect components from environmental challenges while meeting stringent standards. Our materials knowledge, proven capabilities and excellent service allow us to develop custom barrier solutions to meet challenging demands.

To help you maximize the aesthetics of your product, FLEXcon’s pressure-sensitive film materials offer the printability, durability, and quality that can make your nameplates, product identification, and warning/caution labels project the high quality of your product. Among our hundreds of solutions, we offer a cost-effective film product for bubble-free graphics on outdoor power equipment, as well as polymeric film products that mimic the look of brushed steel orPressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels aluminum.

For regulatory compliance, FLEXcon offers hundreds of pressure-sensitive film/adhesive products that are UL/CUL recognized and CSA accepted, as well as products that meet the requirements of such organizations as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI),  the International Standards Organization (ISO), and European CE (“Conformité Européenne”).  Products are also available that are ideal for IUID labeling of goods supplied to the U.S. Department of Defense.

FLEXcon’s capabilities include brushing, dying, embossing, laminating, and polymeric coating all ready to meet your product challenges and schedules.  By drawing on FLEXcon’s years of experience and technology expertise, you can maximize the benefits of your product solution and improve your supply chain operation, including traceability processes.OEM Labeling

FLEXcon’s team of Technical Service Representatives are ready to work with your design engineers at the earliest stages of product development. Because of our agility and ability to manufacture custom products, we can help you anticipate and solve potential problems and help give your new product the best chance of success in the marketplace.

Products & Solutions Continue to FLEXcon's Products and Solutions

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