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Today’s simpler, standardized UL process.
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Building on our strong relationship with UL, FLEXcon’s mission is to empower OEMs and converters with UL-recognized high-performance components that lead to both quality improvements and cost savings.

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Supported by the broadest portfolio of UL-recognized products in the industry, serving an expansive array of applications and application surfaces, FLEXcon adoption and certification programs offer a wealth of distinct advantages, including:

DigiPRO®Simplified quoting. UL’s flat-fee pricing simplifies both paperwork transfer adoptions and new product certifications.

Dedicated technical staff. Our technical staff is available to review your UL file and develop a strategic product migration plan.

Comprehensive expertise. Our experts are able to recommend specific UL-recognized products to meet unique performance, price and delivery requirements.

Fast turnaround options. Our UL-recognized product portfolio includes a large selection of Quick-Ship products with next-day and same-day turnarounds. In addition, the FLEXcon Pre-Slit Roll Program program enables you to choose from a variety of pre-slit roll sizes without purchasing a full master.