Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Films for the Brand Marketer

To reach your target audience, you need to promote your brand where your shoppers are and where the message is most likely to grab them. You also need to assure that every graphic ad has the aesthetic quality and durability that reinforces brand image.Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels

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Self-adhesive film is the ideal medium to accomplish both of these objectives. From package decoration (primary labels), to at-retail promotions,  to outdoor ads, FLEXcon’s self-adhesive film products allow you to promote your brand with bold, eye-catching graphics on the shelf, on the window, on the floor or carpet, on a billboard or bus, or on the side of a building, or even on surfaces not yet imagined. FLEXcon also offers pressure sensitive adhesive film solutions that allow you to transform a stadium’s luxury box suite into an all-consuming environment that creates a bond between consumer and brand, or to convert a retail store’s clothing department into a branded zone that enhances the store’s appearance and significantly increases sales lift through shopper marketing.

Pressure Sensitive Labels FLEXcon goes beyond innovative, ultra-reliable products to offer you special expertise based on our years of experience with brands and imaging companies throughout North America and Europe. Our ideas and/or products have played a role in ad campaigns by Carhartt, Masterfoods (Snickers), Bose, American Greetings, Cincinnati Reds, Brown-Forman, Colgate, and the History Channel, to name just a few examples.  Our Product Branding specialists have shared our brand marketing ideas at trade and professional events worldwide, from the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) to In-Store Marketing Expo.

As a creative application specialist, FLEXcon brings materials experience and a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The needs of brands, ad agencies and design firms;
  • The realities of the advertising campaign budget, with suggestions on ways to reduce total applied cost vs. overall application cost;
  • The process by which repetition affects consumer action. Most important, we know that an eye-catching advertising campaign needs graphicPressure Sensitive Films consistency in order to entice consumers for the life of the promotion; 
  • The desire of brands and advertisers to be at the forefront of alternative media options;
  • The role of self-adhesive films in starting the conversation with digital media;
  • The need for effective, innovative graphic applications made possible through the use of self-adhesive film.

With self-adhesive films, the possibilities for promoting your brand are endless. With  FLEXcon’s unique products and know-how, you can increase your brand’s competitive advantage with  brand marketing ideas you may never have considered before.

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