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Custom Packaging & Labels for Ad Agency/Design Firms

Your client values you highly for your creativity, and relies on you for innovative, out-of-the-box strategies for promoting their brand or message.

Make your ad campaign stick with FLEXconBy teaming with FLEXcon , you can let your imagination run free. If you can envision it, we can help make it happen! FLEXcon’s custom adhesive labels and packaging products allow you to place eye-popping graphic advertising in exactly the location where it will best hook the target audience. Train or subway station walls. Retail establishment carpets or floors. Windows. Countertops. Construction barriers. Billboards. Cars and trucks. Entire sides of buildings.

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FLEXcon’s custom adhesive film and packaging products and our range of self-adhesives, from permanent to removable, make every surface a potential ad space.

FLEXcon goes beyond innovative, ultra-reliable products to offer you special expertise based on our years of experience with brand owners andMake your ad campaign stick with FLEXcon imaging companies through North America and Europe. Our custom packaging and labels have played a role in ad campaigns by Carhartt work wear, Masterfoods (Snickers), Bose, American Greeting Cards-In-Store, Cincinnati Reds, Brown-Forman, Colgate, and the History Channel, to name just a few examples. Our Product Branding experts have presented our advertising ideas at trade and professional event worldwide, from SGIA to In-Store Marketing Expo.

As a creative application specialist, FLEXcon brings materials experience and a comprehensive understanding of:

• The needs of advertisers and brand owners;
• The realities of the advertising campaign budget, with suggestions on ways to reduce overall application cost;
• The process by which repetition affects consumer action. Most important, we know that an eye-catching advertising campaign needs graphic consistency in order to entice Make your ad campaign stick with FLEXconconsumers for the life of the promotion;
• The desire of advertisers and brand owners to be at the forefront of alternative media options;
• The need for effective, innovative graphic applications made possible through the use of self-adhesive film.

By pairing your creative talent with FLEXcon’s know-how and custom labels and packaging product solutions, you can provide more value to your client, helping to solidify that relationship that is so critical to your agency’s success.

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