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Pressure-Sensitive Films and Adhesives are What We're About

FLEXcon is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films and adhesives, headquartered in Spencer, Massachusetts. We are an innovator in coating, laminating, and finishing of wide-web roll-to-roll polymeric materials, with expertise in graphics and label applications as well as bonding, barrier, optical, and electronics applications.Pressure Sensitive Film Manufacturers

Pressure Sensitive Label ManufacturersFLEXcon is a family-owned, privately held company that offers industry-leading capabilities to produce one-of-a-kind custom film and adhesive products as well as the largest selection of standard off-the-shelf products.

For more than 50 years, we have been providing value-added pressure-sensitive solutions to customers seeking competitive advantages in performance, cost-effectiveness, and availability. Our commitment to maintaining strong, lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust has enabled us to grow with customers by constantly seeking new applications for pressure-sensitive film and adhesives. FLEXcon is an environment where employees are constantly encouraged to explore new possibilities, new solutions.

This entrepreneurial spirit, along with a fundamental philosophy oPressure Sensative Adhesive Coatingf total flexibility in meeting customers' requirements, has helped us grow our business from a single U.S. location to a global company with over $300 million in sales and more than 1,000 employees.

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FLEXcon customers are served by a direct sales force as well as an inside Customer Service, and Technical Service Representatives. Also working with the customer to develop new opportunities is a New Business Development Manager and our team of Product Development Specialists. FLEXcon is at the forefront of new developments and provides depth of experience and expertise, averaging over 13 years of service to the company.

Our experience, flexibility, and distinctive polymeric coating capabilities enable us to tackle projects most product-line oriented suppliers simply cannot. We are the resource to call for your pressure-sensitive needs.